Blue Moon Light

Light Citrus wheat can

LightSky Citrus wheat can

Blue Moon Light is a bright and refreshing wheat beer, brewed with real tangerine peel for a lighter, exceptional taste at only 100 calories per 355ml. This beer is perfectly balanced and crisp. It’s ideal for everything social as this beer is light, refreshing and sessionable while still delivering an authentic citrus fruit aroma and taste at 4% ABV.

Taste Profile

Brewed with real tangerine peel that brings forward a sweet citrus character. Perfectly balanced with a subtle malt sweetness and a hint of bitterness, this light profile makes for an enjoyable, easy-drinking experience delivering the quality and punch of citrus flavour expected from Blue Moon.

Food Pairing

Blue Moon LightSky pairs well an array of foods that have both an existing citrus flavour as well as some spicier dishes. Food pairing ideas include summer salads, street tacos, chicken skewers, and seafood.